help me with this thesis statement?

Asked: help me with this thesis statement?

Chose the thesis statement from the list of sentences:

bumping into mr ravioli
a. Technology has negatively affected peoples ability to form relationships.
b. Gopniks description of Olivias interaction with her imaginary friend explores how the
use of technology in modern life has changed the experience childhood.
c. The Gopniks are bad parents, who do not put the needs of their daughter first.

malcom X and the black rampage
a. Malcolm X was the first person to openly express black rage and to honestly discuss
the hypocrisy of racist white society.
b. Because of his love of black people, Malcolm X encouraged his people to reject the
value system whites and achieve a psychic conversion, although he never said how.
c. Malcolm Xs own psychic conversion was stunted by his Manichean worldview, which
could only see people as white/black male/female.


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