Help me with my team please I’m not sure if it’s good or not?

Edward Asked: Help me with my team please I’m not sure if it’s good or not?

I have my Ninetails not drought T.T With FlameThrower FireBlast extrasensory and inferno
Next I have Dewgong with Thick Fat moves are ice beam surf sheer cold and brine
Next is my Garchomp sand veil with crunch outrage earthquake and shadow claw
Next is Togekiss serene Grace With Aura Sphere psychic air slash and metronome for fun
Then I have Hitmonlee Limber with Mindreader Blaze kick earthquake and high jump kick
Finally is Scolioede with rockslide poison tail poison jab and x-Scissor
Please tell me how good my team is and how I should adjust it Thank you< 🙂


Gary Answered:
That's a solid team.
Klotzcon Answered:
I'm psychic… God is fake.
She Devil Answered:
Simple test. Have somebody in your house place a playing card, or a note with a random word written on it face-up in a part of the house you don't really visit often, or on top of a shelf taller than you, or something similar.

When you "astrally project" go check it – and then check it after you wake up. If they match, fantastic! You'll get $1,000,000 from James Randi. If not, then… you'll realize that you're an idiot and you were just dreaming.

The latter scenario is more likely. 😉

Majere880 Answered:
Before I was a Christian I tried astral projection for a good while. It only possibly worked once. I was really drowsy laying on a couch. I was staring at the ceiling, and all of the sudden I was staring at the ceiling from the perspective of about 3 inches away from it. It was either a successful attempt or I fell asleep and dreamed it. I would be inclined to think I just fell asleep.
The Book of David Answered:
Testing the claim is easily done, and hardly costs a dime. If I believed I could duplicate the experience, I would phone a friend and ask him to deal a poker hand face up (without telling me the results, of course). I would do my mumbo-jumbo, and call again to guess his hand.

I could repeat the experiment until my buddy is fed up with indulging my wacky claims. I wouldn't need anything more to convince me that my weird mental state was not the source of psychic powers.

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