Having a bit of trouble with my Pokemon team?

Darcy Vendy Asked: Having a bit of trouble with my Pokemon team?

So far I have got

No item
-Stone edge
-ice punch
-thunder punch
-Dynamic punch

No item
-Energy Ball
-Shadow Ball

No item
-shadow ball

No item
-Stone edge
-Dragon dance

No item
-silver wind
-Swords Dance
-Baton Pass

And something else

Im going to keep the move set of tyranitar,machamp,chandelure and ninjask

Can you fix the rest please im not sure


Blub Blobbery Answered:
So… if I understood that correctly, the only pokmon you're not sure about is Umbreon?
Curse + Payback is a very nice combination of moves to have on Umbreon, along with a healing move (which you already have). Curse will raise it's Attack and Defense and lower it's Speed, so you can use Payback effectively (Payback deals double damage if the user acts after the target does).

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