Have you had a good psychic experience?

Asked: Have you had a good psychic experience?

I have seen 2 psychics and although they are accurate most of the time they like to focus on negative things and they are always the bringer of bad news. I usually don't like what they are telling me but I must admit it is the truth. I am kind of bothered by what they have told me. You see I am a gay male and its really hard for me to find someone, not too many people assume I am gay and the type of males I like are masculine. They sometimes contradict their advice. The one psychic told me that I shouldn't look online and its better to meet someone in person. I used to be a shy guy so she told me to stop that and to just approach a guy that I like before only ugly guys will start chasing me. I did approach a guy I like and when I went back she contradicted her advice and told me to not chase guys because the right one will come after you. I want to say that she is stupid and a waste of my time but she has predicted other things in my life that were accurate and I did make a few mistakes from not listening to her advice before.



i am working on myself, focusing on myself, i've learned a lot about myself

i've suffered heartache

i was great man that became greater by finding who i am piece by piece, & facing the ingredients of life & love that helped my heart be better

i'm looking for my real love (that one girl- i'm straight)

i apologize to say this to you, maybe it is because of the society you live in that the psychics were worried about for you (meaning spirits were worried about that tried to advise you/ keep you alert from this hurtful society)

the spirits speak the truth, & it is your free-will to face the feelings of peoples spirituality & consciousness that spirits try to tell psychic readers to tell you & guide you to a blessed life & one that can become whole. & everyone has potential to that sweet life or w/e ^^

try talking to a psychic online… again to reassure

ppl can be fakes if they tell you they're psychics, some are just statistical, or something

go by your intuition

& i hope i didn't write too much for you

but to simply add my answer: 5 or more female psychic readers, plus one male, helped me & only the female readers told me i'd marry this one specific girl & i'm growing for her today, i'm Living in THE MOMENT till i'm married with her

the male only talked about her future, never got to tell me if she would be my wife, but i have about 6 psychic female readers to assure me

i JUst Don't know How I'm going to get To her!!!!! that'swhat's scary LOL exhilerating & getting me insecure & everything !! cause it's love! & about my wife! & about my life's goal = love, lol everything about my life all has to do with love ,,

I'm a psychic myself so never had an experience with one (other than myself)…but I'll tell you a little about myself. I have prophetic dreams at least 2x every week and they come true. I can pick up vibes easily and am very sensitive to people's auras. Like if a person is bad news, I can sense it right away and I will feel almost physically sick whenever I'm around that person.

I have a lot of aspects in my chart that contribute to my psychic abilities.

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