Grergory S. Paul – Original air 01-03-13

Researcher, Author&Illustrator Paleontology,Sociology Theology Can Science Be Used to Investigate the Existence and Nature of the Gods? It has become a standard line to claim that science and religion are separate magisteria that despite occasional bursts of contention can peacefully coexist sort of like the USA and USSR during the Cold War. In this view science always assumes that it is investigating natural causes, because supernaturalism is not subject to investigation. Both opinions are quite wrong, it not being at all hard to disprove the supposed compatibility of science and paranormalism, or the alleged inability of science to test supernaturalist claims. Contending that science and religion should respect each another is like saying astronomy and astrology should get along with one another, or that physicists and psychics should respect the other — after all, the latter are prone to citing the quantum mechanics developed by the former to justify belief in ESP. Can you imagine astrology being the subject of a university department in the same manner as there are divinity departments and even colleges? (Actually astrology is taught in some Indian universities, which only goes to prove the point.) Although it can be argued that the existence of the supernatural can never be totally falsified for the same reason I cannot prove there is not an invisible elephant in your room, many if not most acknowledge that modern science has thoroughly discredited the existence of <b>…</b>