Graham Nicholls on Navigating The Out-Of-Body Experience

Afterlife TV at Graham Nicholls believes that everyone has the potential to have an out-of-body experience (OBE). In fact, he offers private sessions to help people make that happen. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience (and hundreds of personal OBEs), Graham shares with us what it's like to leave our bodies by extending our consciousness. Graham had his first OBE at the age of 12 (unintentionally), and then learned how to induce intentional OBEs about a year later. In this video conversation, Graham Nicholls describes what it's like to leave our bodies, how we can diminish our fear around OBEs, what it's like to interconnect with plants and animals, and why OBEs are significant in our investigation into the afterlife. Purchase Graham Nicholls' book, Navigating The Out-Of-Body Experience Radical New Techniques on Amazon (affiliate): Purchase Graham Nicholls' book, Avenues Of The Human Spirit (his personal story of spiritual fulfillment) on Amazon (affiliate): GRAHAM NICHOLLS BIOGRAPHY Graham Nicholls is an English author, artist and expert on out-of-body experiences (OBEs). His exploration of these areas began when he was a twelve-year-old boy after having a series of fleeting experiences of floating a few feet above the ground. Around a year later he heard the term 'out-of-body experience' for the first time, and this led him to buy a scientific book on the subject. Graham committed to practicing the basic steps <b>…</b>