God gave me a dream that became a reality and a warning?

Justin Johnson Asked: God gave me a dream that became a reality and a warning?

Before I was poisoned I received a dream, I was going back to my very old school and this girl laughed at me from what I said, now ever after being poisoned this became a reality, God also warned me through a rainstorm not to go back I wish I listened, but I need help God doesn't respond always to people he does things to get the message across; he sends people. I have noticed this poison has given me carpal tunnel and sensory problems, brain damage and more brain damage (yesterday) if you are a psychic please help me, I know I ask but I think God sends someone to help someone can you help me, I have a negative influence from brain damage and suffer immensly, and what was I poisoned with? And what's the cure. Please help me.


nick Answered:
it was not God, it was your neurons, you know?

mofuonamotorcycle Answered:
If you know you have been poisoned you must know what with, other wise you don't know that you have been poisoned

Hikari Anderson Answered:
youre right. God contacts you in many ways through writing, dreams, people, enemies, ect. but i dont know how you were poisoned. go see a doctor

Simpatica Amiga Answered:
i think your brain damage is due to the poison of schizophrenia.

i don't know where you live but you should see a doctor.They can request an MRI to see what is causing your brain damage.

God is right when he tells you to stay away from schools and to not do things that will make little girls laugh at you.i guess women laugh at you too.

wefmeister Answered:
"For God does speaknow one way, now another
though no one perceives it.
In a dream, in a vision of the night,
when deep sleep falls on people
as they slumber in their beds,
he may speak in their ears
and terrify them with warnings,
to turn them from wrongdoing
and keep them from pride,
to preserve them from the pit,
their lives from perishing by the sword."

Job 33:14-18

Listen what God did for these men…..



and this woman….


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