gen iii pokemon team please rate and fix?

Diego Asked: gen iii pokemon team please rate and fix?

Please what should I change I'm not really playing competitive just a nice team to play against my friends I play in ruby BTW

All Around
Metagross @ leftovers
188 HP / 160 Atk / 160 SpA
Brave nature +Atk -spe
Meteor mash

Lead pokemon because of its deffensive abilities, having lots of resistances but a good attacker also with the stab moves when possible or earthquake agaanst a pokemon that resist psychic or steel or is weak against earthquake

Gardevoir @leftovers
56 HP / 252 SpA / 200 Spe
Timid nature +spe -atk
Calm mind
Double team

Offensive against most pokemon with a calm minded STAB move she can ko many pokemons easily knows thunderbolt to use against pokemon that resist psychic moves

Blaziken @Charcoal
lonely nature +atk -def
80 HP / 232 Atk / 196 Spe
Blaze Kick
Don't know if sky uppercut or double kick
Bulk up

same as gardevoir but with physical attacks this time also his great speed let it outmatch most pokemons

Flygon @Soft sand
Mild Nature +spa -def
80 HP / 224 Atk / 16 Def / 8 SpD / 180 Spe
Dragon claw

Useful against pokemon with high defense also teamed with skarmory's spikes so the oponent has to decide if suffer the damage from spikes or face an earthquake with low deffense because of screech

Wobbufet @leftovers
gentle nature +spd – def
4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpD
Mirror coat

He is used second to KO all the pokemons it can ressist befoer being KOed

Skarmory @king rock
Impish nature +def -SPa
EV 252 HP / 60 Atk / 184 Def / 12 Spe
Steel wing

To set the spikes and to resist physical hits and most of special hits, it's in my team as a support

It's a simple all around team with metagross and skarmory as walls and blaziken and gardevoir as an offensive force both using cam mind and bulk up to rise their offensive even more, wobbuffet to counter strong pokemon and flygon when facing thunder pokemon or ground moves as well as pokemon with high defense
Skarmory is also used to set spikes and roar pokemons into the spikes

thank you in advance


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