( Fun Q for a psychic)?

Summer Loving Asked: ( Fun Q for a psychic)?

I'm kinda dating a guy named Michael, but we've never met.
We're going to meet at a public place btw, but I'm dying to know how he looks.
He sounds really good over the phone, but what makes this fun is we never exchanged pictures; So neither one of us knows how the other one looks.

Maybe you can help me out and I can help you out with the best answer.



err Answered:
yo will be disaappointed when you meet him

blitz420 Answered:
You'll be surprised. Not in a good way, but not in a bad way either. The only element of surprise is that you have no idea what he looks like so it'll be new.

JessA Answered:
You don't have to be psychic to know that any guy who doesn't want to exchange pic's is probably butt ugly anyway.

Nook Answered:

Jaz Imagine Answered:
im very psychic, nick you are 7.

Dia Nonne Answered:
How can i know

TRay Answered:

Yanna Min Answered:

conTROLL Answered:
Im psychotic and youre 14

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