For psychic people: what do you think this dream meant?

Antrium Aglet Asked: For psychic people: what do you think this dream meant?

Last night I had a dream that I was about to go on a long adventure somewhere that I wanted to go to. For before I left, I was at an old house where I used to live when I was a kid. My mom was there. I usually don't see her much because she lives in another state. I think a few other poeple were there too one I think was a girl that I'm having trouble forgiving because she treated me and used me bad. I then found my self in Boston (i used to visit there when I was a kid) and kept having to ride my bike back and forth to that city and the place where I was about to leave on the adventure to grab stuff like xmass lights for what ever I was needing to do in Boston. The dream ended when I was searching for xmass lights that someone in Boston told me they needed but I found out I couldn't take them because someone else was using them. I was also bummed out that I had to ride my bike all the way back to Boston again. What do you think this dream meant?


Mishasan Answered:
I cant tell you fully what it means because you must find out yourself but….. look into the most recuring thing, look to your past without living in it, maybe you solved a riddle your about to face or maybe a danger you narrowly avoided will return back in full force.

leia Answered:
Your gift is usually stronger as a child and as you get older it fades, unless you consciously use it.

CJlove Answered:
I accepted more as a child, and learned more as time passed by.

We certainly love the things little kids can say, and sometimes we even wish that we could return to that state of elegant simplicity.

However, life moves on and so do we, regardless of our wishes.

Become the best you can in study, in caring for stuff, and as a friend etc.

Carpe diem (seize the day)!

Su Answered:
No offense, but the person who wrote this must have been on something. If you are in search of spirituality, don't search too much outside of your own feelings, values, ideas, and ideals. When I was in high school, I was also into reading spiritual stuff and trying to find myself (that sounds so retardedwhen I put it like that but it is what it is.) I think with time and through more experiences…little by little you learn something about yourself that contributes to your spiritual beliefs. I mean I must have been a complete idiot for actually reading a book that said " sit and wait for the universe to answer your call." Hell if I listened to that book, I would still be rotting in my chair. Not that it's not a beautiful idea and not that it doesn't have some truth behind it but you need to ponder more and ask yourselves a bit more questions. College will def. open many doors for you or at least w/e experience you choose to pursue after high school. Enjoy and learn from your experiences….now when I look back at high school…I learned so much about myself….much more than those articles and books could teach me and much more than I though I did. May I suggest philosophy….here is a list of suggestions of subjects that might help. Focus on philosophy, in my opinion, because it doesn't try to convince you of anything. It tries to make you question things and present arguments and in doing so, you develop yourself… develop how to concoct rational arguments, develop your values, develop your beliefs….that are all uniquely yours. Good luck hon.

Tina Bambina Answered:
People called me both (and also spooky) and I spent most of my searching for the reason why.
I could roll 30 7-combinations in a row with a pair of dice. I could speak to and understand animals.I would say what people were thinking and I would tell people what happened to them on the way that day. I would predict events with 100% accuracy as well..
In my 55 years of living I have been hit by lightning, attacked by a street gang, and faced bears, mountain lions and wildcats… but I haven't lost the touch entirely. It only happens now while I am in meditation… and I've learned to meditate in the blink of an eye. Now they call me a wizard and a genius… but I am not prideful. I'm only trying to help.

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