For all you psychic people out there, Am I going to end up with no job?

Lucid Dreamer Asked: For all you psychic people out there, Am I going to end up with no job?

Basically, I can't do exams. Why? Personal reasons. I am totally against exams and I don't think we should all have to do them in the first place because we should get a job based on how well we can do it, not based on how well we did on a memory test when we was a teenager. We gain knowledge as we get older for God's sake..

K, I am lieing a bit, I can do R.E exams, but I get a little help on them ones (don't ask..) and I got a B on my mock, But I missed my real one today. ****. Oh joy now I'm not even going to get a grade for R.E too (: Brilliant. Because the complete arseholes will not let me take it another time.

I doubt I'm going to get a job with straight U's.. I might get a few f's and G's, if I'm lucky an E..

So might as well tell me now, my life's ****** isn't it?? (:



Mark V Answered:
Sometimes we just have to do things we don't want to . Its all a matter of how much you want that job. Attitude is everything. No one wants to hire someone with a bad attitude right off the bat and they don't have to. All you have to do it pass your test. If you really want this job, do everything you can to pass the test. As far as you EVER getting a job..Attitude! Change yours if you have to and you will see how it opens doors, think about it!

La Cicada Answered:
I doubt that you will choose to live at your parents' home for the rest of your life!If school's a pain, then quit and get any job you can get at that level of non-achievement.You will die of boredom and find that there is no money for fun, dates, and very little for food.That will be the strongest motivator you will find.To Ans your last Q, the lower level of jobs are not based on grades–just show up on time; don't argue or backtalk; and do the routine job you're given without complaining.The boredom, and low pay, may drive you back to school….?But maybe not.Let us know in a few years.

DarkRula Answered:
A great team for damage and wide attacking.
But you have too many moves of the same type over too many pokemon.

Dutchy1996 Answered:
I would give it a: 8/10

You should really try getting some rares or legends, if you do, I might give it a 11/10.

Please help me to:

IceManVIII Answered:
u should add some more walls to ur team. Also change electivire's thunder punch for wild charge, and ice punch for fire punch. Also give it a life orb. This covers almost every type and all weaknesses. The life orb ensures that he'll KO most pokemon with one attack.

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