Feng Shui? Should I believe it?

Cindy Asked: Feng Shui? Should I believe it?

Today this man that is a Psychic and knows all about Feng Shui came to our house today. This was the 2nd time my family met with him, the first time we met with him was at our old house and he would tell us about our future and things we could do to make our lives happier and better. We recently moved into this new house and I guess my dad wanted to see him again for advice about where we should put our furniture and stuff. He also told us about our future too, when he did me, he was pretty accurate. He said I have a very bad temper and get mad over the tiniest things which is true, he even acted out the way I would respond to my parents if they kept telling me to do something and it was pretty accurate. He told me my lucky directions which is Northeast and South, and also my bad direction which is Southwest. He also told me my lucky colors and other things. He told me my room is not right for me, but since I can't switch rooms I could move my furniture. He told me to rearrange my bed and desk and even change my wall color. My walls are pink but he said I could leave one side of the wall pink and the rest should be painted white. The thing is I like my wall color, I like where my bed is, I like where my desk is. The way he told me to rearrange it, I HATE IT. It looks weird and I just do not like it. I don't want to do it, I even cried to my mom about how I don't want to do it. I use my closet mirror to practice dancing and stuff but if I move my bed the way he told me to, I would have no space to even dance anymore. My parents said it's up to me, and that if something bad happens to me, to not come crying to them saying I should of listened. I'm stressed out and don't know what to believe. The guy even told us how one of his clients refused to believe him and didn't want to move out of his house so he didn't and his 8 year old son died. I don't know what to believe, I know some of you guys might say, well how are we supposed to help? But I just want an opinion, what do you guys think? Should I just do it? I guess I just really want someone to convince me it isn't real.


Jay Answered:
Feng Shui is not nearly as much of a big deal as you, your parents OR that guy say.

90%+ of people in the world do not practise feng sui and they seem to be OK.

Its only a problem if you believe it is.

Melting Media Answered:
complicated.but harmless.not in conflict with Christianity, unless you spot something.other than that its fine.you should be able to dance.its healthier than just having a stuffy room.there is always a way
Actor Answered:
feng shui
load of hooey

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