Farewell Freedom

So I got up yesterday and saw who became president so this is my rant about what is to become of this country. Lyrics Come one come all just to wait and see. The man you voted for will destroy this country. Just by a word or two against the president now the government can hunt me. Be allowed to shoot on sight. So what he's a black president, eventually he will steal our rights. Go ahead and read his file. How on january 1st he passed a bill out to detain without trial. This country isn't civilized and stuck in the wild. You want to vote for him because the rich pay a higher portion. Meanwhile babies waiting to be born will feel needles of abortion. To see what this man will do In the next 4 years doesn't need a psychics proportion. But hey maybe we'll see 2 men holding a baby carriage. Exposing our Christian babies to gay marriage. But celebrities don't really pay higher taxes and still live life lavish. We will still be middle class and poor but they're still rich. Trying to do better for this country? Yeah you wish. In 4 years ill probably be waving from heaven while you burn in hell. In Election Day touching that button was like ringing the devils bell. When you give up your morals and trade in for benefits. Your soul is something you sell. So forget what you think it's what you know. We will be in larger debt and the economy won't grow. Pro choice? So that means unborn babies who already have a mouth don't have a voice. Woman's rights? It's a woman's right to do <b>…</b>