Extreme… Perception?

Anonymous Anonymous Asked: Extreme… Perception?

I have noticed that I am very capable of discovering people's intentions very quickly. My friends pointed this out to me and jokingly call me psychic. Just the other day my friend told me to throw something away, but I refused because I suspected something was wrong. Sure enough, someone was in the garbage can with a spraybottle waiting to ambush me. I guess I can read faces really well? I'm not sure what is up with me, am I lucky or is there something in my brain making subconscious connections? By the way, these occurrences are very frequent, not just once or twice.


vizzinieverlost Answered:
Everybody has that sixth sense. It's like a survival thing.
One time right before a huge swarm of yellow jackets attacked me and a group of my friends I got the strangest and most unsettling sensation. I could feel that something was wrong right before my boyfriend started screaming.
Yours just happens to be stronger than a lot of other peoples.

somanyquestions Answered:
Aw shucks! Upon reading the question i was hoping that a few self-proclaimed psychics would answer the question = ) im curious to know the name of my soulmate even if it's just a couple of vague letters.

Terry Answered:
Their is no point in giving a name for souls may have many names or none. You'll know without asking on the meeting and there will be a meeting . . . again.

Sapphire Answered:
No they can not.

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