dreams in the start of the book?

Zero Asked: dreams in the start of the book?

yeah like i'm making a comic book but i'm writing it out first, and it starts out with a dream for the main character but it hints at what she's going to face later on (so basically a kind of psychic dream). but my sister once told me something about me not doing that or else i'll make the readers feel like i mislead them (something like that, it was a while back) so should i or shouldn't i?


ericjohn1987 Answered:
Is your sister a Christian?

that could be why, because using psychic powers goes against the bible.

please answer mine


Meg Almighty Answered:
It's true that starting a story with a dream can be misleading to readers, and turn them off. You can work around that by showing that your character is dreaming, though – by making it obvious that not only is she dreaming, but that this dream is going to end up being important. You can either show her lying in bed or you can have some "voiceover" narration with her talking about the dream.

Claire Answered:
Dreams are okay to use in some instances (rarely), but probably not in the beginning of the book, because you're using pure simile and metaphor to describe what you should be able to describe in normal language. It also might be too much foreshadowing when it's best to just jump right into the action of the story. Maybe try to think of a more original way to describe or hint at what the character will face?

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