Does this sound like a good Pokemon Soul Silver Team?

Ryan Yeo Asked: Does this sound like a good Pokemon Soul Silver Team?

These moves are what they will eventually learn:

Typhlosion: Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Solarbeam, Focus Blast
Scizor: X-Scissor, Iron Head, Hyper Beam, Night Slash
Slowking: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Psychic
Umbreon: Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Moonlight, Psychic
Furret: Return, Thunderbolt, Focus Punch, Giga Impact
And then a rock pokemon or something, I'm not sure, for defence.

Don't ask about the furret. It's my favourite pokemon. So just leave that.
Any other suggestions? I'm trying mainly to remain in the johto/kanto regions. Believe me, if I was feeling more flexible I would have Gallade in my party in a second.
So criticism is highly welcome. Thanks 😀


Vitor Answered:
This team sucks! for good tips at pokemon go to! btw sudowoodo sucks…., and rock is a lame element put some grass or water in the team instead of rock one….

Ishnura Nelson Answered:
i dont know about scizor having hyper beam and furret having thunderbolt, but if thats what you have, then all you can do is use it!
and for rock pokemon, get either a steelix or golem, because both have good/amazing defence and exceptional attack.
if steelix picked:moves
iron tail
dragon pulse
rock slide/stone edge

if golem picked:
rock slide
gyro ball(with brave nature
fire/thunder/ice punch

just an idea

spartanpenguin Answered:
sounds good to me. it might be missing something, but my friends used similar tactics and the kicked *** so it sounds good.

Ash Ketchum Answered:
Yeah…good enough team…but if you might wanna add any other pokemon you might wanna make em with good statsand moves

ohnoessss Answered:
unless youre doing competitive battling over wifi dont wry about your type disadvantages too much.
keeping the same pokemon move sets should or more affective would be
fire blast, blast burn, solar beam, sunny day
x-scissor, iron head, night slash, gig impact
surf ice beam psychic, calm mind
faint attack, curse, moonlight, toxic
return, shadow claw, reflect, attract
sudowoodo > golem bc he has less weaknesses, idk what that guy above was talking about.
but rock slide, sucker punch, hammer arm, double edge orrrr cross chop if you wana breed it into him or brick break

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