Does this make sense?

Jules Ann Asked: Does this make sense?

I'm writing a series of books about witches and psychics. I have been working on developing the origin of the species/how their powers work etc. and I was wondering if this idea is logical. It would be implying evolution as a fact. Does it make sense scientifically for the origin of witches and psychics to be mutation of humans? And then they survived as races because of "natural selection"? Thanks in advance!
PS. I know, this isn't really a Books & Authors question, but I figured I would try here because I'm not getting any answers in the Biology section.


Brie Answered:
Yea it makes sense 🙂
Guadalupe Diaz Answered:
Yeah it sounds like biology, and it makes sence. Good luck on the book:)
Sub Ponte Answered:
You're going to have to come up with some explanation of why the rest of us, without these powers, are still here.

Very small differences in the ability to see or hear can mean the survival or extinction of a species. If there were a species with all the abilities of humans, PLUS the ability to read minds, etc., then why wouldn't the psychic race have supplanted us long ago? What ecological niche could normal humans inhabit where we could survive? Or do the psychics lack some other ability that normal humans do have, so that the two can compete but both survive?

If this is going to be an important part of your story you really need to read some books and/or take some classes on how evolution works. It's more complicated than just "oh, somebody mutated, how nice, now we have another species."

AJ Answered:
It's very too out there for me. Witches are something very different from any human that I know of. Think about magic. I dunno it sounds a little too out there. Really science fiction for me.

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