Does everything I think will happen come true?

Asked: Does everything I think will happen come true?

Sometimes I think I'm a psychic or something. I always say, "I will ace this test, even though I haven't studied for it." and it comes true. I know when someone enters a room, even if it's loud and noisy, or you can't hear anything at all. Is it just coincidence. I feel like everything I think will happen will come true. For example, I think that someone in my family will die. I think negativity all the time. Until one time I had a really, really weird thought. I had a thought that my future partner will drink some type of potion that changes me somehow (ethnicity, lovetype, race, I have no idea. I forgot). I've been having dreams about that, and that's not a good sign. Usually when I have dreams about things I thought of, they sometimes come true, or are some type of Deja vu. Please help?


Okay first of all your letting your mind get to you. Yes. There are crazy coincidences in this world but that's all they are. And your dreams are just dreams coming from your brain(which you used to come up with these thoughts).

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