does anyone know where in sydney they offer Psychic lessons?

Asked: does anyone know where in sydney they offer Psychic lessons?

i know some of you are gonna say that it's fake, and bla bla bla, but i just wanna do it for a bit of fun.


Just wait for them to contact you.If they can't find you they can't be psychic.
Honestly, I don't think I would read anything about fairies.I would read a good vampire story, but psychics would take the lead for me.I would read the normal human story if it was written well and had a good plot for it.

So my rank it:
1. Psychics
2. Vampires
3. Humans
4. fairies

(you could go radical and include all of them, lol.)

Fairies first, but you can't make it a stupid romance with girls and whatnot.
Physics close behind.
I've read a few real people books but they get boring quick.

Don't you dare mention vampire books. SHUN.

A story about fairies! Vampire stories are too common, I enjoy them, but I think I read all the ones that would be interesting, psychics don't interest me, and normal every day humans is too simple, I want some magic, something extraordinary
Vampires are way too overdone, physics bore me, and if I wanted to read about humans, I wouldn't be reading fiction. So, I'd much rather read a story about fairies, as long as they're not the girly kind. Like Artemis Fowl, or Fablehaven, or the Spiderwick chronicles; all really good series, each with their own little twist on the classical faeries.

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