Do you think this idea could be a good story?

Asked: Do you think this idea could be a good story?

I was just mulling over ideas in my head, and I came to think about this one.So anyway, the story would be about a girl, who sort of has psychic abilities. (well, maybe, because they could be written out actually.) When she touches someone, she sees that if she were to ever get to know them and have a future with them, how that person is going to hurt her. Some of the hurtings are smaller than others, but she manages to convince herself they are all huge and she doesn't want to be friends with someone who will hurt her.

So, she pretty much shuts herself away from the world. She doesn't stay around people for very long, doing whatever she can to keep them out of her life, sometimes even moving. The internet is pretty much the only place she has friends and she can be herself.

I know what your thinking, this is the place in the story where she finds the guy and discovers he won't ever hurt her, well that's wrong. She does meet guys, wishes she could be with them, but just like everyone else, they will hurt her in the future. (maybe even just a small hurt, but that doesn't matter.)

This story will mainly be about struggling inside yourself, because the girl is pretty much depressed but she is convinced of otherwise, she wants to have friends in real life but is too afraid. Eventually, she will overcome her fears and make friends, but it won't be because of anyone else, it'll be because she came to terms with herself.

Basically, the moral of the story is that you can't always be afraid. You're going to get hurt in life, but thats okay, you can move past it and use it to make you stronger. I guess I'm trying to exaggerate how many people feel to prove a point.


Not a bad idea. Sounds a little like a Twilight Zone Episode.

Just make sure the characters are fleshed out, and you should a good story on your hands.

Good luck 🙂

Pitched as a coming of age story/supernatural thriller, this has potential. There are things you have to explain though. Who are the antagonists? An explanation for her gift or, if you don't want to, how she explores her gift. Besides a very narrow problem (an issue only affecting her), what is at stake for the cast of secondary characters? Flesh out the world.
I think it would be awesome! If you want to, then please go for it! The thing I love about writing is that ALL ideas are good ideas, because writing has no "limits" You can do whatever you want! Go where you imagination leads you! If you are feel good about it, and if you like it, then I;m sure many others will, too! In conclusion, you have an amazing idea and if you want to, I'd definitely go for it!

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