Do you think it was true what the psychic said to me?

Mary H Asked: Do you think it was true what the psychic said to me?

I went to a psychic about 3 years ago when i was 16 yrs old.. and at the time i was dating this guy, and i wanted to marry him, i was so attached to him and i thought i loved him.. but i was going through a really rocky time. And the psychic was just spot on about everything i was thinking feeling and gave me advice on it. So she wasn't a fake. She told me that i need to stop worrying over little things and live a little and just enjoy my youth. I look back and think, wtf? i wanted to marry him and i was so serious about him! Now i look back and i don't even know what i saw in him.

Well she told me that my grandma (who i've never met) on my dads side (my dad past away when i was 6) looks out for me, she's the one who gives me a little 'push' when to go in the right decision as we all sometimes go off the right road in our life.

Do you think this is true? do we all have someone in spirit looking out for us? doesn't make it more believable that God is real and true then? Does that mean in all my decisions and what i go through in my life, im not alone and someone's spiritually helping me out? or is this all fake and she lied?


Private Optimism Answered:
Psychics always seem a bit sketchy

Alissa Answered:
ahhh…I doubt that any dead relative can be watching out fir u. alought i think she might have either really believed what she tiold u or wanted to bring u some confort in a non religious way. she gave u goiod counsel about that time in ur life.and i am glad she didnt say u would marry him. cos u didnt.i dont think sje meant a bit of harm to u, in saying what she said about your Gramma. but we r not to really go to these people cos its only God who knows all.

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