Do you know of these supernatural magical wonders,that exist ?

In hoc signo vinces 2 Asked: Do you know of these supernatural magical wonders,that exist ?

This question connects and is an add on to my previous question "Are you aware of the Devil's huge power in the real world ?"Please "copy and paste" and search for it on Yahoo answers search engine.
The Devil and the demons have extraordnary powers.Demons can cause temporary amnesia, short term memory loss and other memory related problems.On the other hand,demons can help people to remember things that the demon wants people to remember-you may call it "selective recall memory" as the demon sees fit.Demons can also raise the dead,living up to 7 years -using Satanic power.The raised/ressurected person looks human,sounds human, is in perfect looking health,no blemishes to the skin or body -does not look like a zombie.God allows the person to be ressurected only once using Satanic power ,and it lasts only 7 years.
Demons can do all the following things.Voodoo dolls work using Satanic/demonic power.Causing localised pain of varying degrees(mild pain to severe pain) e.g.migraines and and at the other end of the specturm,pins and needles mild pain.Auditory and visual hallucinations reminiscent of phychosis e.g.Schizophrenia.Ticking or clicking noises -mediums report this symptom.Levitation of objects and people.Dematerialisation of an object to reappear again later(teleportation and apports) They can turn things into gold- it can be a permanent change.The demon can also make the gold disappear, and reappear when guests appear unannounced.
Some trees are possessed by demons.They can move,lengthen and extend their branches and vines supernaturally,so as to strangle a person to death.Beware the "gods of the forests", and respect them.God Almighty protects them and they can not be killed,even though they are God's enemy.Beware of cursed objects that have hidden Satanic power to them.Touching them could have deadly effects.Demons can read a persons mind-even if they don't possess or cohabit within that person.They know the thought,even before it is formulated within the person's mind.Trying to hide your secret thoughts from a demon is impossible unless you seek God's help in blocking your mind to the demon.Therefore the demon has powers of "omniscience"- people thought only God Almighty had this ability.Turning water literally into blood- it has been scientfically documented.
This year, a few months ago,I saw something disinticly odd and higly peculiar in the night sky.It is not often,that such things appear in the dark,in these parts.There were these strange lights that I saw that I think are often called"Aurora borealis."I have never seen one out of my house window before at night,and I have looked out of that window many times at night.The date was Friday the13th, May,2011.The aniversary of"Our Lady of Fatima."This light phenomenom followed an aquintance of mine, from about 3 kilometres away ,down a busy road.At the stop lights this person said they could see it on the left hand side at the stop lights, and at other places all the way home.This person came knocking on my door and said to me "Come here and look out the window ,can you tell me wha this is?"So I went out and looked.My first thought is it was witchraft as it was Friday the 13th.Or it was the demons playing some games.Upon second thoughts I though it could be a search light in the night sky or one of those special laser thingy- me bobs.But to think if it followed him all the way home, and it was Friday the 13th ,and I had never seen anything like that in the night sky in these parts in my entire life-especially out of that window.Scientific natural phenomonen- with coincidence added into it ,I don't think so.
Finally,I get these chills up my neck and other body chills as a spiritual phenomoneen.Someone from a "Psychic" website said it had something to do with angels and "truth had been spoken".Demons are fallen angels.This is how I sought spiritual guidance from God though Jesus.I have discovered that demons are capable of replicating the same body chills, on an even stronger scale -that's why I think they call them "spirit guides" .But demons are bad guides,God is the only good spiritual guide.The "gift of spiritual discernment" by the power of the Holy Spirit-that proceeds from the Father and the Son is a rare gift that few have,or ever will have.I don't have it.


J C Answered:
cool story bro
Su Answered:
TRUST your self. You know what you need to do etc if you only listen to your self.

You do not need a con artist with artistry in the Tell (physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual signals) explaining to you what you already know, inside.

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