Do you have a pet that seems psychic?

jadiva Asked: Do you have a pet that seems psychic?

Seems to know what you're thinking?


Sure kid Answered:
My dogs are pretty stupid. I love them though!
Buffy Answered:
Jacques Poutine Answered:
my cat predicts the apocalypse
Berta Answered:
I don't have any pets
Kyle Answered:
Maybe , Maybe not Believe it or not your dog may know you more than you mother or Family member! So most likely it could just be from them knowing you well!
Yep! well sometimes it seems like she knows xDD
Jan Fortenberry Answered:
Our dog Tuffy seems to have psychic powers.He sees things we cannot see too.
NotOneOfUs Answered:
Pets have an eerie sense of what your feeling just the same as they have a sense of time. They aren't as dumb as some suggest. It is also said your pets sense when you are in danger, and also when your time to pass is drawing near.
A Touch of Sin Answered:
My puppy barks at the same wall in my house and looks at it a lot when I walk by.. Kinda creeps me out a little bit.It's like he really sees something.. So… Maybe 🙂
Allan T Answered:
yes my dog
if i think about taking him for a walk he will sit by the lead
williew Answered:
It does kinda seem like they are a bit sometimes…lol

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