Do you believe in psychics or palm readers ?

Asked: Do you believe in psychics or palm readers ?

7 months pregnant and this guy came up to me and asked me if I'm having a boy.
I said no I'm having a girl I had 5 ultrasounds that say girl , he said mark my words it's a boy , he said I know this because I read cards, than he circled around in his car again and said its a boy!! He didn't look like a weird guy but was strange he was telling me this and knows nothing about me.


i believe that some people are spiritually gifted.
I believe that they exist.I also believe they're charlatans.i.e. total frauds.

BTW, congratulations on your daughter.

I thingpalm reader and psychics havetheir own science .if some one have good knowledge or good commend on it then they angive you a good answer . its up to you if you believe on these thing or not .

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