Do these ideas sound crazy/ retarded to you?

Pope Pedobear the XVI Asked: Do these ideas sound crazy/ retarded to you?

I think the concept of God, horoscopes, psychics, magical powers/ miracles, pointless traditions and other things of this nature do not exist or work and people who think they do are crazy or retarded. What do you think of these things?


dissed Answered:
Don't say the r word.
Girl next door Answered:
Quite frankly, I think you're an ignorant moron and need to be more open minded. Don't diss other people's beliefs.
WTF Answered:
i agree
Rikki Wins Answered:
You can think what you must of them, but dubbing them crazy or retarded makes you seem small minded and bigoted. Even if you don't like it, it's still interesting.
Rusty Plastic Answered:
I think you shouldn't say that around little kids if you want them to hang around you.
Your Potential Predator Answered:
yep.maybe they are cwazy.those are probably fine work of literature that coincidentally hit the spots!!!
Icela Answered:
Political correctness is so you don't offend other people.

I promise you the people that think it's BS are the ones that used those phrases and steretyped people in the first place.

And it's not pointless.
*Don't use retarded dude.

I agree that religious nuts are crazy, along with the majority of politicians and celebrities, but no reason to bash on everyone else.

They aren't pointless traditions, and just because you don't think they exist doesn't make it true.

My God you seem so boring and ignorant!!

Ardella Hester Answered:
Not crazy just different everyones got a different opinion

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