Do psychics actually work?

Asked: Do psychics actually work?

Has anyone ever been to one? For love or money? Did it work? Were you happy with your results? Would you go back? I really want to try it out.


It depends what you really want to hear they'll tell you. But anything they see that they don't want you to hear they'll keep it to themselves.
Some do.I am still waiting to hear about one of them who answers calls before
his or her phone rings though.

Shouldn't they do that routinely?

Yes, paid because they were working.

Yes and no.A couple were spot-on but be VERY wary of so-called "psychics" in Ontario because I have met every single faker up here.

I can recommend people who have worked at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio.Here are people I've had good luck with.Not always "happy-happy-joy-joy" readings, but useful info

I do believe in the possibility of psychics but I would never trust one with your money! Most of them are fruads.

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