Do people with psychic ability have a harder time trusting others because they already "know" their

Shhh Asked: Do people with psychic ability have a harder time trusting others because they already "know" their


Also, from an Astrological standpoint, what placements in your chart (if any) contribute to your own sixth sense?


Guy Answered:
Being a Cancer, I have always been extra-sensitive to my emotions and the emotions of those around me and it can definitely cause my insecurities to run rampant.I believe many people are psychic without consciously recognizing it and therefore fall prey to having trust issues because they receive what appear to be "negative" frequencies from others.Self-proclaimed psychics usually have a better understanding of their abilities and how to "control" their own emotions when performing readings or during general interaction with others.Just my opinion.
SillyRabbit Answered:
Agreed with Guy.
I'm a pisces sun, sagittarius rising, pisces mercury
They must be myth,since people always make requestsfor psychic readings in the Mythology & Folklore section all the time.
Search for truth Answered:
I knew someone was going to ask that question! It's 50/50, an uneducated guess most of the time. Tomorrow you will eat breakfast, but then again, you might not have time for it. Your going to marry him, but you might meet someone else. The card is an ace of hearts, then again it might be the queen of spades. I'm going to say most are pretenders. The ones with the gift are smart enough not to advertise.
jacko brightside Answered:
psychics arnt a myth, though there are good and bad psychics, psychics are essentially just like psychologists, if they can put there own problems aside, they can give you good information, besides, most of them talk to there personal guardian angels to get the details, so it can be pretty reliable

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