Do i have some type of psychic abilities?

Natalie Park Asked: Do i have some type of psychic abilities?

sometimes when im at curtain places, i get this feeling in my guts that it's wrong or just not right. i was going on the subway and something felt like it was going to happen and it turned out that there is a fire at a station near me. i almost always get this feeling when something bad is going to happen, and also when i look at curtain people for a long time i can kind of sense what they were doing in life and sometimes their emotions also recently i get visions that just pops up without thinking and they most likely become real.
do i have psychic abilities? or is it like this for everyone else?


Madison Answered:
That is a good question.
I tried to search the answer for you at several places.
My sister Mary besides me said her friend Diana might know the answer.

She called her and said Diana mentioned about trying wish123 besides yahooanswer.
she uses frequently.I don't use that very often though.
So I will leave it for you.
Sorry couldn't help you more.


Furious Unicorn Answered:
There is something wrong happening somewhere every minute of every day so feeling something bad is going to happen is a pretty safe bet.
So you look at people and imagine their lives, I'm guessing you don't actually test this by writing down the details, getting them to do the same and then comparing your answers? So for all you know you could be totally wrong with what you are thinking?

Yes everyone imagines things, most people don't take it the step further of imaging that they are psychic as well though.

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