[DN] Sophia, The Creator summoning vs Psychics w/ Red Nova. [YYC Contest Entry]

RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! This video is for YourYugiohChannel 'Summoning Sophia' contest. Wow! I recently made changes to this Gishki build [tech'n 2x Diva's, 2x Sophia's, 1x Instant Fusion.] I didn't even test the new changes, I instantly challenged my friend Sjir-Sama to a duel using my 'Sophia's Gishkis' deck. I have to say, this is my first time summoning her (so relatively easy too!). Can you say heart of the cards? I wanted to add commentary/music but using Sony Vegas takes up too much of the render time, making the process much more longer so nah. It's just a plain video. Sophia is summoned in turn 2. Facing Red Nova was sorta scary, Zeal Gigas FTw! I'm THE BATMAN. Anything impossible is possible for me -Cocky smirk- xD Jk jk. Enjoy the video!

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