did you ever asked a psychic about 2012?

Asked: did you ever asked a psychic about 2012?

did you or someone you know asked a psychic if the world was going to end on december 2012?


You're truly stupid if you do that and you're not doing it for fun…
Yes I did, but she wouldn't give me the answer.She claimed to know exactly what was going to happen, but would only tell me if I gave her $150 in cash – no refunds.

I told her that if she was a real psychic, she would have already known that I didn't have that much cash on me.So she put a curse on me, one that made me have the smallest penis whatever room I was in.Then I knew she was a fraud, because god already beat her to that one.

So I guess you'll have to pay a 'real' psychic to find out.I'd offer to try again, but my ding dong is small enough already and I don't want to tempt fate!

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