Develop Psychic Abilities – 5 Steps to Increasing your Abilities

One the most asked question I hear from my students and people I happen to meet is, Am I Psychic. The short answer to that question is, of course you are, because everyone has psychic abilities, it is just a matter of how developed your psychic abilities are at this point in time and how much effort you are willing to put into increasing your abilities. This article looks at 5 steps anyone can take to help develop psychic abilities within their selves.

Step 1 is belief. I hear people on a regular basis that start the conversation off with something like, I really don’t think I have any psychic abilities, but I’d like to learn. That single negative comment can prevent you from learning to use your abilities and you have to get it out of your mind and convince yourself that you do have abilities. This may sound easy, but it is hard to overcome the negative programming we have received through out our lives. It is not unusual for friends and family to be non-believers and Hollywood more often than not makes us look like a bunch of freaks running around in the woods. These ideas are imprinted in your mind and must be overcome if you are to have a chance to fully develop psychic abilities.

Step 2 is learning to concentrate. Most people think their concentration abilities are just fine, but test results show that most people can not keep their mind in complete concentration on any one object or subject for a full minute, much less the 10 to 20 minutes they need to try to accomplish on their quest to develop psychic abilities. Think about it, our society is set up to keep your attention jumping from one thing to the next. We have to think and act fast or we may miss an opportunity. Every where we go someone is trying to sell us something. Then there is the phone, the car, the kids, work, play, your spouse and a hundred other things that all want a little piece of your attention and your job is to be able to remain in complete and total concentration no matter what is going on around you.

Step 3 is visualization. When you visualize you see a specific subject within your minds eye. Some people visualize with crystal clarity and see an image that is almost like looking at a photograph of their subject, while others see only vague, partially formed images. Obviously the clearer the image you personally see, the better, but seeing is not all there is. To develop psychic abilities, you also have to KNOW what the image is and understand what it’s meaning is. Often images will flow through your mind like a fast river and your job as a psychic is to know what those images mean.

Step 4 is energy work. This single article will not allow me to fully explain how energy affects your ability to develop psychic abilities, but understand that everything, including people are comprised of energy and we have the ability to manipulate that energy with our minds. Once you fully grasp what this entails, you can make massive leaps in your psychic abilities and one of the best ways to learn about energy is to learn to play with it or practice some type of energy healing with it.

Step 5 is Psychic Exercise. Psychic abilities are sort of like a muscle, they get stronger with use and weaker with disuse. As you start to develop psychic abilities, you want to spend as much time as possible trying to use your abilities, play with them, make a game of it and test yourself regularly. The more you exercise your abilities the stronger they will become.

Each of these 5 steps are very important and none should be left out, however they do not have to be done in any specific order except perhaps with the exception of step 1, because if you do not believe you are psychic you can never develop psychic abilities.

Spend some time each day working on one of more of these steps and before you know it, you will start to see your abilities open up and bloom.

Denise Freeman has been helping others develop their psychic abilities for almost 40 years. Additional articles and online exercises are available at her web site to help you develop psychic abilities.

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