Deja vu moment, how is this possible?

zemra Asked: Deja vu moment, how is this possible?

I was on my laptop and I was doing some research on something and when I was scrolled down to a certain picture that seemed familiar, a show on t.v. said something that seemed like a relived moment. The guy on t.v. said exactly what I knew he would say, followed by someone else saying something that I knew would be said. It was a bizarre and creepy moment.

I looked the guide on t.v and it said that the shows original air date was today, and I have started my research today so there is noway that it was something from the past. I think that it was something that I have seen in a dream.

Is this possible and is a form of a psychic ability? Is it common among other people? This happens to me often and I find it bizarre every single time.


nate glaskee Answered:
hmmm…depends. what was the last thing i just ate?

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