Dark Visions//One

Now on to the story- Jasmine'sPOV: I was rapidly drawing what my hand motioned me to. It was testing. For Help. To control my powers. That's what were all here for School,Psychic Testing,and Trying To Help The World. By All I mean me, my friend Jessica,Diggy,and my best friend Justin. Jessica and I share a room and Justin and Diggy share one. Diggy 's got PK like making a compass needle deflect like that stuff. Jessica can influence animals on doing thing and somewhat mentally talk to them and know their feelings and thought. Justin has best of two powers. Where he's from they called him an psychic vampire. See when he gets close to someone and there psychic but not enough he can drain their energy and kill them. When he does any contact with other psychics things can get out of balance and he will take their energy from them. Sometimes he purposely does it to get revenge,but it happens accidentally once in a while. His second power is healing. I know right wierd mixture. He can heal anything and renew your energy. And Me I can tell the future in drawings. When I have to take the tests it drives me nuts. I have an instinct to look at the drawing while I'm drawing it,but I'm not supposed to. Most of the time it happens,and it's because they're dark visions of the future. Sometimes when I draw it hurts. Like I can't breath or I get bad headaches. The only people watching me most of the time are Diggy,Jessica,Justin,and Flare. She's our 'teacher' for tests. We all go to San <b>…</b>