Could you name me a mythical animal that controls space? or has something to do with it?

kitkat Asked: Could you name me a mythical animal that controls space? or has something to do with it?

im wrighting a story and this is what ive got:
darkness-chupacabra (mystery, form changing, lonely, heartless)
light-carbuncle (mystery, adventure, friendly)
time-nekomata (psychic, predicts time)
dimension-haeta (pearces threw it, guadian)
space, dunno..

anyone have an idea? i used haeta for it before, but realises that it fits best in dimensions..

in the story, the boy who holds that name is also deaf, if it helps… (dosent need to have something to do with it though..)


marlboroman Answered:
How about Anunnaki?Aliens or Gods of the Sumerians who traveled to earth from the planet Nibiru. Supposedly, responsible for written language, the pyramids, etc.

for ever fighting Answered:
its called chi or qi its not fake many fighters believe it is because its extreamly hard to do and takes years to profect and years to before you can attempt to even do that so many styles and most pepole on this site will say its fake while i have experienced chi or qi first hand it very scary what they can do with it

Leo L Answered:
I have experienced effect that was beyond what sheer contact would produce.My instructors attribute this to their use of chi.It felt like an electrical jolt, resulting from a hand tap to the chest.I have ben able to produce this effect, myself, intermittently.

Dominick Answered:
Kaia master video

"Students when the cameras roll I'm gonna wave my hands around like a retard and I want all of you to fall down and act like you're in pain."

The One Who Knows Answered:
It works like a hypnotic suggestion. This is why a majority of the individuals susceptible to it are students of the art itself – it works because they believe it is real, and that information is reinforced because they see other people flopping on the ground.

judomofo Answered:
Many of the top answerers hear can tell you how very real it is.

Once one has established his training in Judomofo's Chi Enhancement system, the super human powers they develop are beyond your wildest imaginations.

However it is something we don't talk about… it is very exclusive, very expensive, and very secretive. We are worried some military of the world will attempt to force me to teach it to them, and give them an overwhelming advantage. No civilian… no human should know this stuff.. in the wrong hands… I shudder to think…

But it is REAL… Scary real! The powers I have developed… I have to sleep in a hyperberic chamber just so I don't accidently unleash something in my sleep….

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