could my girlfriend be pregnant ?

Asked: could my girlfriend be pregnant ?

okay so me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time on may 5 I believe , she has been having allot of irregular periods , one time it was for like 2-3 months without a period . so we did it again later in may , then for the last time on June 15th , she got something that could be a period on the 18th of june .. she said she had cramps the night before and it came in the morning . It lasted 4 days .Now its the 19th of July and she is telling me that she went to a psychic friend and she says she could be pregnant .. Somehow.. NOTE: everytime we did it , it was with a condom.My girlfriend is very dramatic , this same situation happened like twice and each time she said she felt sick , felt weird . but it ended up being nothing… So IDK What to say or do .. its a really big responsibilty and I just need to know if it could be .


Uhmm buy her a pregnacy test?
Unless you had sex the day she was ovulating u have nothing 2 worry about jus make her take a test on the safe side
Take a test condoms don't always work sweetie .
and Have u ever heard of the show I didn't know I was pregnant on TLC? It happens more than u think Get 2 at home pregnancy testif one comes up — than have her take the second one in the morning when she first wakes up.

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