Could I request a psychic clairvoyant reading please?

Asked: Could I request a psychic clairvoyant reading please?

a week ago I entered a contest to win free tickets to a wrestling sporting event show with free tickets to show, free airfare & free hotel accommodations, I already saw the winners chosen online BUT I feel like I still have a chance to go deep in my bones… this is not wishful thinking I swear its not.

my question is => will still end up going to this wresting show & end up going to los angeles california to this fun filled wrestling event? I really need to go to this event august 17, 18 & 19 2012?

I entered for my uncle & I and I was hoping so badly that we were gonna win, why do I still feel like we're still bound to go there.


You'll go if you buy a pair of show tickets and book a plane flight, but otherwise you won't. That's just plain common sense, because you didn't win the contest. You might not realize that your feeling is wishful thinking, but that's because you're the one feeling it. It FEELS more real than that, but either way it's still wishful thinking if the contest is over.
I'm sorry, but sometimes desire takes hold of us and blinds us. The odds are too greatly against you. It will not be in your future, rather than in your dreams. However, because you don't win it does not mean you cannot go. See about going yourself, just you and your uncle, and not all your wishes will be granted, and there may be some challenges and consequences, but if you want to go, you have the power, and if you wish to go, even when you can't win, you can do what you can to fulfill this.

Also, this is very vague, very, very vague, but I think I see a person who will impact your life greatly. Do not lean on this, or it will break, it's not a strong reading. But I bid you the best of luck!

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