could i be becoming pyschic or what?

jessi Asked: could i be becoming pyschic or what?

i been having weird dreams recently. well one that my dead uncle visited me with my guardian angel, he told me was watching over me and that i asked him what happended if you died. he replied slowly not wanteing to give to much detail…theres a tunnel then my guardian angel interupted and said are you sure you really want to know what happens, wont it ruin the mystery? 'I replied..''i don't wnt to know.''
anyway the next night I had a image that my facebook homepage would say inbox (3) notifications (3) it was only a image i got but as soon as i woke and logged inot my account it said exactly what i had seen in my dream.
anyway that night i also dreamt of my brother sneakily eating my chocolate and i woke up and most of its gone!.
this is no joke, i have always believed in psychic n stuff but what is this?


prince Answered:
start going to Church immediately…..JESUS LOVES U

Sirius BlackA Answered:
I'd say it's poop of the bull variety

theambusher Answered:
I've been totally awed

Rodney A Answered:
avoid churches and mosques
if they mention jesus they want your money
and support for illegal wars.

as you fall asleep ask for more guidance.
and where do you keep your chocolates?

Blodwenbogbrush Answered:
"could i be becoming pyschic or what?"

Most likely "what"!

Stay real babe!

Ashleigh Answered:
That happens to me too. I'll dream that something happened, or have a vision of it, but i don't think its anything super special. i believe in that stuff too though so don't get me wrong, but I think it just kinda happens to some of us sometimes. the thing with your uncle, probably just from emotions and missing him. that happens to a lot of people

robvas1983 Answered:
i have the same thing too, but im starting to hate it. it only shows me how sucky my life will be in the future.

alan h Answered:
Dreams happen.
Try real life.

Hippy Kitty Answered:
Read this book
Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf
It shall help clear away any stigma and help you with your new life's journey. It is a gift and you can learn to control it creating no harm. These are images of the future and of the other realm that you have always been about to see but now you can start to as you are mentally ready and will understand more then if it had happened a couple of years ago. Your guardian angle is your spirit guide and shall help you can guide you in ways they can

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