Could a psychic investigator help me with this?

Justin Johnson Asked: Could a psychic investigator help me with this?

What was I poisoned with? And what's the cure? * I was poisoned with an excess of potassium (hyperkalium) which someone told me. What else was I poisoned with? And what's the cure? Sorry if I sound stupid also. I am asking this, the person who did this never got in trouble also but I need help for this, you guys have helped solve cases which is a good thing could you help me with this?


Jander Ino Answered:
you were poisoned with something called "christianity" the cure is reality

2FollowHim Answered:
The cure is to get it out of your system.You must drink a lot of liquid,
good water, and green tea.These are healthy.We offend others just
be being alive.Happens all the time, always has, always will.
Pray that God will protect and lead you, help you.Try to read
a verse in the bible and think about this each day, as this will
also help to heal you.

GradeAMeat Answered:
Sin is in this Earth and there's nothing we can do about it. God promises us that if we have faith you will be rewarded either on Earth or in Heaven. God has never broken a promise, and His Holy Spirit continues to guide us during these times. All we need to do to be blessed by God is to have faith that He can overcome all of our problems. He's always looking out for us, let's pray for that faith.

Bubbles Mom Answered:
God will give investigators guidance and wisdom. You don't need a psychic.

jay Answered:
You cant, psychic ability, fortune telling , sorcery a no no in their rulebook., uh just a guess but you might be better off with a doctor

Humble Pie Answered:
Christian and psychic don't go together. If someone claims to be one of these they aren't Christian.

Your situation sounds really hard. I think you should go to the doctor and make sure you're okay. After that I recommend getting into a good bible based church. Don't believe those TV preachers because 98% misconstrue the meaning of the Bible verses they preach on.

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