Could a psychic help me with this?

David Harlington Asked: Could a psychic help me with this?

What was I poisoned with? And what's the cure? A person poisoned me with a lethal object, I received brain damage after being touched/hit with it, after you know when you get dizzy spells like smelling gas well I got dizzy and confused, I went to sleep. I wake up a couple of days later and notice my social skills are extremely poor and that I can no longer form friendships, and my social relationships is very poor, not only that I have difficulty writing and also later get sensory nerve problems and that, i have tried everything to recover but haven't, I look to a door out but nothing, I dunno what i was poisoned with, personally I don't think it's fair, I am innocent I quit bothering people and started acting my age, then I get hit with this and regress, could a real psychic help me with this, i have tried hospitals but nothing, I need help from a real psychic, everyone is ignorant to me because I have brain damage, no one understands and if I was normal again I would be understood and still have friends. Atheists on here especially, they don't understand you, they are mean about stuff, they wouldn't understand what I am going through, no one seems to have empathy especially atheists, they wouldn't help me. Yet if they had brain damage they would realize how 'hard' life really is when you are changed, no one has sympathy or empathy it's like everyone hates me, sometimes I feel suicidal and want to kill myself because no one loves me, and my family hardly loves me, they treat me like garbage half the time.


All they are going to do is help themselves to your wallet.

Codey Answered:
No, 'psychics' will do nothing other than take your money and feed you some stupid story.

gerry hat trick Answered:
Here's some sound advice!..There are no real psychics.

Jesse Answered:
Maybe you just suck with people?

Kathy Miller Answered:
Sincerely, it sounds like you are trolling.I would suggest taking a lot of vitamin C, it will destroy poisons and is destroyed in doing so, it washes from your system every 3 hours, so I would take some every 3 hours around the clock and see if it helps.A vitamin E supplement would be a good idea also, and drink a lot of filtered pure water.

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