College roommate problem, He thinks he is a psychic and caused a girl to pass out with his mind!?

Steve Asked: College roommate problem, He thinks he is a psychic and caused a girl to pass out with his mind!?

Okay so its almost April and my freshman year in college will be ending at the end of april. I have this roommate who is unlike ANY other person I have ever met. First of all he's 18 years old and never had a girlfriend nor made out with anyone attractive. Thats besides the point, he thinks he is a physic (empath). He thinks he can feel peoples feelings and tap into emotions. A girl this year in another dorm building was yelling rape one night and passed out, then institutionalized and sent home. My roommate happened to like this girl and he is CONVINCED that he made her pass out because he was sending her thoughts of him having sex with her best friend. He says it was really intense/angry and couldn't sleep and he was sending these messages for 45 minutes. Now he texts and calls the girl all the time and she never EVER responds. He is convinced that she likes him even though I tell him that if she did she would let him know and he's not taking the hint. He thinks he is in love and has a chance and wants to go uninvited to her house this summer to proclaim his love. I think all of this is stalking along with many other people who have just told him to give up. He thinks of it as a romance adventure.

THIS NEXT QUOTE IS WORD FOR WORD OUT OF HIS MOUTH, "After christmas I posted a video called cooler than me by mike Posner and liked a page called lucid dreaming on facebook to prove to this girl that he made her pass out. The next day I got high and walked around the mall with my friend. I suddenly began to feel everything slow down and my heart began to hurt really badly. I became weak and had heart pain for the next few days. I think it was because of this girl because earlier in the day I felt my ears buzzing and could feel her sending me thoughts about never hanging out with me ever".

Other instances incluse a vase breaking in out student center and he thinks he causes it and did it with his feelings.

He also passed out the other day in class and said it was because the guy in the movie they were watching was hit in football and went brain dead and immediately his brain did the same thing.

Some more background information includes that he is socially awkward and doesn't have any other friends except for the few on our floor. He thinks he is an empath. He gets bad grades in school. He constantly creeps girls out on Facebook by messaging them random things like, "snow fox" (girl looked like a snow fox I guess?). He is always in la la land meaning sometimes I have to say his name literally 10 times before he responds when we are 10 feet away from each other in the room. He can't ejaculate. He yells at his parents constantly about grades when they are the one paying for his education. He does everything alone including eating by himself all the time. He's 18. I also think he might have depression because he just stays cooped up in the room all day. In conclusion I like him and he is my friend and a great kid, but he is unlike anyone I have ever met and find myself thinking he is plain crazy all the time. Should I think he is crazy or just accept him for who He i?.

thanks guys


Giggity Answered:
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Jaysea Answered:
Way too specific super powers. He seems kind of like a dream of a 5th grader. It's not really new or original.
Acemiguel Macabenta Answered:
Sounds Great!! Like the story but at first it kinda sounds like ghost rider but when i kept reading it got interesting. One problem is ALL Super heros have weakness. Even superman has weakness. Your superhero's weakness doesnt seem to be really interesting. If he only has weakness then theres only one type of villain. So try to think of some weakness and less indistructable hero like superman
Ms Right Answered:
Very creative good imagination!! I would read it or watch it. You should make the redreaper fall for a human girl in the world an that's why he wants to save the world an stop his farther to protect his love and she Dosnt know what he is until like the missile where the farther finds out the son is inlove an takes the girl ! An to be continued.. lol nice right 🙂

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