Christians/Life Experience? The belief that regular people who walk the earth have power to heal/etc

Asked: Christians/Life Experience? The belief that regular people who walk the earth have power to heal/etc

Just curious. Not trying to be weird, Im just wondering if there is a chapter or common belief that there are a select few (whether it is tens/hundreds/thousands) who are gifted in a sense to connect with people of the other side, or to heal….

Im not trying to get into 'psychics' or anything like that…


They're called doctors, and their healing powers come from scientific discovery, not a supernatural world.
Yo Bag – you are getting into psychics cause they are the only ones who claim such stuff – in reference to connecting with the other side – –

in the part where you reference healers – yes, there are plenty.. from doctors, to shaman, to the friend who makes you feel better when you confide in them.

I have met a few Regular Christian People who were competent to heal things like sunburn, or insect bites. Though if you get run over by a train and get your legs cut off, I've never met a Christian who could fix that.

And I don't know of any Christians who can Connect With People On The Other Side. Though a great many Christians CLAIM to be able to do that. Just as they claim all sorts of other impossible things, like their belief that they are not morally responsible for the crimes they commit, or their belief that they are destined to live forever on a cloud in the sky.

I don't know any, but my grandmother used to get rid of the major headaches I used to get from the "evil eye". Anyone can do it, though. Oddly enough it really works.
Things Youll Need:
Bowl of water
3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

Step 1 Place the bowl on the table. Have the person sit at the table with you standing. Put the olive oil in the water.

Step 2 As the oil separates from the water make the sign of the cross, saying aloud, "In the Name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit."

Step 3 Make the sign of the cross on the palm of both your hands. Place your hands on the person (putting them on the head for a migraine)
and say this prayer: "Father, this prayer is being said for (give name) and I pray it works in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
Do this three times.

My Grandmother used to do it over the phone…and would say it in Italian:
"Santa Rosalia, l'acqua veniva.
C'era una donna, mal'occhio teneva.
Passo nostro Signore, con palma d'oliva in mano.
L'acqua fece seccare, L'erba fece malagnare,
a quattro cantoni spumicava.
Padre, Figlio e Spirito Santo.

i heal breast cancer
gimme ur boobs.
My father n law can i have seen still borns come to life marriages get saved the mute to sing the disabled to wald god is so great and i tell you he can do great things through his people i have seen it with my own eyes but beware because the devil has powers also though not as powerful as god and the devil will deceive you

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