Can you put a price on my poke’mon deck?

Asked: Can you put a price on my poke’mon deck?

I'm 13 and want to sell my old pokemon deck because I dont need it and need money for colledge. Please help me, this is my deck:

Zeckrom,Pikachu,Raichu (foil),Chimchar(foil),Chimchar,Monferno,
Pignite,Shaymin,Prinplup,DarkCharmeleo GL,Lucario,Purugly(G),Herdier,Stoutland, (foil),Pelipper (electric Delta species),Buizel,Floatzel,MIsty's Staryu(rare),MIsty's Starmie(rare),Starmie,Shiftry EX,Voltorb,Electrode (foil),Gothita,Gothorita,Gothitelle,Eeve Magnemite,Sigilyph,Woobat,Cherubi,Tauros Cheren,PlusPower,Full heal(foil),SkullFossil,PlusPower,EnergyS
If you can put a price on my deck i would be thankful 🙂


Yeah that's worth about tree fiddy. ($3.50)
Yu-gi-oh is better.
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