Can you help me with my story?

Vendetta Mercer Asked: Can you help me with my story?

City of Death (Chapter title)
My city was destroyed 6 months ago. Many people died on that horrid day, but they never stayed dead. Someone gave them life with my power, by raising them from the lifeless slumber. Some others transformed into hideous, vile creatures. The cause of this mayhem and cataclysm was a vicious disease. The disease was meant to kill the human race, allowing a type of malicious demon race to take over our home. But many of us, mutants, as well as humans and supernatural beings survived. Many of them created groups of fighters to help each other to survive, but I reside in the dark, dead areas of our devastated city. My fallen home. I need to find my parents. I need to kill the people who had done this my home.

The Beginning
"Alright class! Take your seats!" yelled Mr. Black, as he entered the classroom. I usually seat shadowy parts of the classroom for everyone of my classes. I never really enjoyed coming to school, but my parents make me. Sometimes, I wonder if my parents want to get rid of me, while they relax before they go to work at night.

"Okay, my little troops! We're traveling back in time to the year of 1941. The time of world WW2." Mr. Black said, with a horrible, foreign accent that I could decipher. I could hear everyone groans, but I just sit up in my chair. Ever since I was little, I was always fascinated with war. My parents though it was weird, but then they thought it was because of my powers. My powers sometimes scary me, because they aren't really so happy nor soulful. Some say my powers were from a curse that was inflicted on me from my grandmother, an Australian Sorceress who didn't like my mother. But my parents say otherwise. My powers include Dark Magic, Kinetic Energy, and the weirdest, but my strongest power, Necromancy, or the manipulation of human souls. I'm able to see into the souls of the living. I can also hear, see, and sense the restless souls stuck in limbo.

"During World War 2, who fought against the U.S. and their allies?" asked Mr. Black.
Only 4 people in my class raised their hands. one of them was Jennette Morales, a snobby cheerleader who bullied me.
"Yes, Jennette. Who did we fight against in WW2?"
"Ummm… Russia, France, and Australia."
"Oh. I'm so sorry. Would anyone else like to try?" They class went silent, and the rest of the people put their hands down.
"Italy, Japan, and Germany." I said softly, as everyone turned and stared at me.
"Hey! Look! Ghost Girl does talk!" yelled Micheal Williams, quarterback for Hawk County High School, and snobby Jennette's boyfriend. Everyone began to laugh at me. I felt embarrassed for talking, and furious for being called "Ghost Girl"

"Thank- You Syriana." said Mr. Black, as he tried so hard not to laugh at me.

No one understands my story. They just assume I am a quiet girl, who hates people, and the world. They are all wrong. they don't understand, the way I see the world, and everyone in it. Sometimes I am glad my parents take me to work with them, so I don't have to come to school the next day. I'm a strong tool for their investigations. My mother is Krissy Nolan, and she is a succubus, or a female demon. She has medium skin tone, and pitch- black hair with these weird, but fascinating purple eyes. My father is Eric Nolan, and he is a powerful wizard. He has a light skin tone, brown hair, and vibrant blue eyes. They're hired to exterminate escaped demons that plague commercial, and residential areas in the city.When I my parents take me on the investigations, I usually have to use my soul or ectoplasm sight, to find the soul of the victim. Once in a while, the demon would take the human, but would leave a residue that only I can see. It can be hard work, because of a demon called the Soul Snipe, and the problem I have with that one is that it uses a psychic barrier, that sometimes mess with my powers, and stays undetected.

Well, there is more. But it won't fit, and if you know a website that I could put my story on. I would like that very much.

other info i forgot to add:
-The main character's full name is Syriana Viper Nolan. Her father is Australian-Native American( his mother's side), with a bit of Russian,and British from his father.
-Her grandmother learned voodoo from an African Voodoo Priestess who took her into her home, as her parents left her for dead when she was 5 year- old, after being bitten by a water moccasin on vacation in Florida.
– She is 5'4, with two different eye colors. Her right is blue, and her left is purple. Her hair is black, ad she is very hostile toward people. Her age is 16
– Her eyes are two different colors due to her parents, her mother is a demon, and her father is human.


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