can you fall in love with a person you never met?

Brandon Asked: can you fall in love with a person you never met?

ok i only saw this girl 7 times and i thought about her since january of 2010. now i only talked to her just to ask for directions for something and that was it. now when she saw me the last 2 times she gave me a stare as she walked me. now normally people would say to let go and find another but with this girl i dont have a reason to let go like other girls in my past. sometimes i have dreams about her and it feels like i know her.i also make good intentions because of her. i tried to add her on facebook but i guess she only adds people she truly know which i dont blame. so for me to think about her every day, is there a psychic connection?


Jack Answered:
yes its possible and it happened to you
tonyp128 Answered:
You can, but I don't think by the sound of it that she will.
Georgia Answered:
Vienna Answered:
It's definitely possible. I think it's a good time to talk to her and get to know her a little.
Ryan Boukzam Answered:
if u met her and she met you that means you guys met so why would you ask can you fall in love with a person you never MET WHEN YET YOU MET THAT PERSON MAN?????????? HUH HUH HUH!!!!!!!!!!
Dick Answered:
psychic connection? what r u..stupid?
yea I think so u should talk to her
Kayla Answered:
you can't be inlove with someone you barely know… you only like her for her looks probably… you should get to know her and see if her personality attracts u.. u never know she could be a hard core b*tch
Mud Answered:
can i slap a person that isnt there? cause thats what i wanna do to you
jud Answered:
it's called a crush.You have a crush on her,

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