Can you change psychic predictions?

Ellie Asked: Can you change psychic predictions?

I have this psychic friend that predicted that I would be unemployed and will die at age 52 when I grow up. It turns out that he is also pretty accurate too. He has predicted many things that has occurred. Can I change the prediction by studying a lot harder in school? Would that change the results? please provide me a straight foward answer.


Secular Humanist Answered:
Yes. The future is very unstable so the further into the future a prediction the less likely it is to happen because there is so much decisions and choices that can be made in that time.

amour est e chaos Answered:
Through God you can change anything.

knightrider2007 Answered:
Psychics are not real. There has never been one who has produce enough evidence to show they had psychic abilities.

Loki LaufeyJarson Answered:
Understand that ALL psychics are frauds. Period.
Ignore what he told you and live your life.

A Canadian Atheist Answered:
there is one thing about psychics , they have a 50% chance of being right or wrong, when they are right they crow about it, when they are wrong they will generalise about it and show you how close they were . they will always show good they are after the event . so take no notice of your friend , he is scaring you into a pessimistic life and an early grave

robert C Answered:
I predict you will

Bob Answered:

cork Answered:
Simple experiment:

Get twelve pairs of dice.
Mix up some epoxy and brush it onto the inside bottom of a shoe box.
Roll one pair of dice.
Whatever that number is, put that many pair of dice in the box, and tape the lid on.
Shake the box.
Let it sit for a day, while the epoxy sets up.

Have your friend tell draw you an exact picture of the positions and numbers of the dice.
Open the box, and your friend will be a psychic, or a bad guesser.

Doubting Like Thomas Answered:
The future can't be predicted. It's as simple as that. Pay no attention to it.
In reality I expect that this psychic is far from being 'pretty accurate'. How many correct predictions can be definitely verified as having been made before the event predicted? Just taking his word for it doesn't count. Of those, how many were specific and not just something vague that was likely to happen anyway? I'm betting none at all or a rare lucky guess.

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