can this be a psychic problem..?

Sonika Sigha Asked: can this be a psychic problem..?

if i have only talkd abt my relationship n break up fr 10hrs a day n kept maself gloomy n lonely fr the last 6months…its troubling me now…wat can it lead to??


hmfs Answered:
Yes n u've to meet expert

mainiacfrommaine Answered:
sucidal ideations. your depressed. get a self help book or too find out if food and exercise and stuff will boost your mood into a more sane sadness or make you pleased content, try yoga and a relgious organization i suggest Christianaty either "catholic" or "non denominational" they have alot in common as for feeling like people dont appreciated them or understand them, persecuted hated by more than anyother religions so i'd go to one of those too. so in other words go to church. and try a new food every month. learn a new word every day.

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