Can someone please help me with religion or something?

Asked: Can someone please help me with religion or something?

I've tried committing suicide plenty of times. & I don't get why I just can't die. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough, maybe I'm not meant to die yet. But just recently I decided I want to know what my purpose in life is. I want to know what I have to do to make myself happy. I think I just need someone to talk to, cuz lately all I wanna do is die. Why? Life is hard. I'm a really sensitive person, & my feelings are always getting hurt. I'm tired of being lied to, being heart broken, crying over the same mistakes I make. Better yet, I'm never able to change my actions after "learning from my mistakes" I do the same things, & sometimes get worse results. I've been avoiding help, & I don't want a councilor. I wanna know what exactly in this world is real. Is got really there? Or is he a lie? What if us humans just made up religions so life could be easier? I want something to go to & get help when I need it. & I wish I could talk to an angel & find out what the real reasons for life is. & why I can't seem to be happy. I feel like everyone is stronger than me. But why can't I pull myself together & make myself strong? I'm wondering if god made me this sensitive for a reason. Would it be bad to try psychic stuff to talk to an angel or demon? I feel like I need company… or better yet love. But the world is so full of bullcrap, I'm stuck alone. I hope someone provides me with an answer that is more than simple & short. I just need someone to tell me what I need to know..


Forget making your self happy.
I'm not very good at that either.

Serve with love.

You need Jesus and you will know your purpose.Also seek christian counseling asap.Prayer is how we talk to God.Read the book of John in the new testament.Ask God for wisdom.God be with you.
If it helps, I love you.

I mean, I love everyone, but seriously I hope you find what you're looking for 🙂

Life can get difficult at times but believe me friend it will pass. You are just experiencing a rough patch. It may have been easier if their were less jerks and lies in the world but you will learn to navigate around them more effectively in time. Perhaps it may help to speak with others that feel the same way? You are not the only one that feels this way my friend. Good luck.
No one knows whether God is real, you just have to have faith in Him. If you don't want to speak to a counciler, you should at least speak to a priest. Stop making the same mistakes. About the person who keeps breaking your heart; stop talking to them. Delete their number and avoid them as much as possible. Hang around people who will build you up, not break you down.
Maybe you should stop concentrating on love for a little while. Really throw yourself into your work, or a hobby. If you have always wanted to try writing, or tennis, or reading a specific book, do it. If you're busy with other things when **** goes down, it distracts you and you won't have time to cry and feel sorry for yourself (not saying that's what you do.).
Stop trying to commit suicide. Offing yourself won't solve anything, and everyone who knew you, even in the slightest, will be haunted by your memory for the rest of their lives.
Your a proud member of the human race…..EVERYONE, Both Old and Young go through these things and ask these very same questions at different points in life……

What you need to know is YOU are NORMAL…as everyone else…….and Yes God exists……..and your as strong as YOu want to be….and there is NOTHING wrong with being sensitive….that is a very good trait to have…allot of people have been de-sensitized to the point they refuse to ask or question or believe anything…..and I will tell you Suicide is NOT the answer to anything , nor any situation…if you want to talk e-mail me….I will be glad to talk to you about anything you want……and that goes for anyone and everyone……Believers, non believers whatever…male , female, old or young…..does not matter……

You want help, but you refuse to seek or accept help.

I have not the vaguest idea what to suggest.

The body is a very hardy organism, so it's very likely that you have no clue how to cause your own death, so your attempts are never good enough to get you to your goal.This is actually pretty common.A simple way to do it is to put a vacuum hose in the window of your car from your exhaust.that will do it nicely, and your only pain will be perhaps a brief headache.

If you cut yourself, the veins will clot, so you need to get an artery and make it a big enough hole that it will not clot.That, aside from the initial pain of the cut, will be pretty painless.

I do not know why you don't want a counselor to help you, since a counselor is very likely to help you get to a place where life is actually worth living, but you've closed the door on that, so . . .

You gotta not take advantage of things. Be thankful for what you have and you will start to live a more happy and fulfilled life. Be thankful for where you live, that you have food and water, that you have shoes… etc.
Im not trying to force you into any religion like i know some people will try to do, but try reading the bible. Just keep an open mind about things. Meditating is also a good thing to try, it really helps me. I know where youre coming from, i sufffered from depression and thought life was hopeless but there is hope. Please dont anything stupid and I wish you luck. you will be in my prayers.
Good evening Sisally.

I think it is important for you to start seeing yourself as God sees you. To Him you are a beautiful person that He loves unconditionally. He does not care about your past, He cares only about you.
He longs to have a personal relationship with you. He wants to hear you, listen to you and answer you. He has a storehouse of blessings for your life. He is waiting for you to ask for them as He is a gentleman and He will not force you to have anything that you might not want. His does not keep a long list of your mistakes. He is not interested in your mistakes. He is only interested in your heart.
It is the devil that wants you to die. That is why the bible says the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.
He steals your joy, he takes your life and He destroys your chance for everlasting life once he convinces you that you are unworthy.
You don't need to go to a psychic to speak with and angel. You can go directly before God and talk to Him. He is patiently waiting with open arms. He loved you so much that He sent Jesus to save you from the devil and give you the opportunity to have a personal relationship with God.
Life is difficult sometimes but God gives us strength to endure any storm. Perhaps your suicide attempts have not been successful because God sent His ministering angels to do battle with satan as he tried to steal your life. Why would He do that. Because He loves you. You are worthy, You are special, your are important and He needs you as much as you need Him. Call on Him. He is waiting,

Okay, if you're actually serious then I'm really happy for you. I suggest you read the translation of the Quran online. You can read it for free and I'm sure it will help you. You can message me through Facebook if you want any more help. I'll send you some videos that could really help you out.

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