Can psychic energy get trapped in a bed.?

Asked: Can psychic energy get trapped in a bed.?

I just got a used bed from rent-a-center and ever since I have been having the strangest dreams about people that I do not know and placed and housed that I have never been to. I know this sounds strange but it happened before when I got a used couch and slept on it, every time I would I would have vivid strange, out of place dreams about sex and drugs and I do not EVER dream about these sort of things. the only reason I ask is because these dreams are extremely distressful and I need to know if I should cleanse them or not, someone please answer me I am afraid to go to sleep!


None of this stuff you talk about is true but if you feel that strongly about it why did you get a RTO bed? Maybe you can ask them for a new one people are understanding to what your going through and im sure the company would help you
Pure psychic energy is a property o living things; people, animal, plants… Some years ago there was a Russian invntor who claimed he discovered how to store it, but h would never tell anybody how he did it, so maybe he could but maybe he couldn't; nobody knows. What is known is that the things we handle most– watches, rings, etc– can acquire an imprint from us over time. Somebody with the gift of psychometry can touch these things and get images from them. I think you may some degree of psychometry– enough to pick up strong stored images from the past. If so you might want to save your money and buy yourself a new bed that can't plague you with bad dreams. That, or get rid of the gift that's causing the problem.;-)
I think the real question here is "Why on Earth would any sane person RENT a USED mattress??"
Psychic energy is not real.
I personally don't think so, but what the hell do I know?I've never seen that happen, but I've never seen Africa either so I just have to take someone else's word that it really exists.I'm open minded that way.

While I don't much believe in that stuff, those guys in Asia often do.They use Feng Shuei all the time, and (while I don't know the fine details) the idea there is that living energy needs to flow properly or it gets jammed up and causes problems for people.That belief is around 10,000 years older than I am, so maybe they're on to something with it.

You obviously can't return a bed because it's haunted, because that's not an option in the agreement.So maybe try some of that Feng Shuei stuff in the room, maybe in your whole house, and see what happens.It can't hurt.

I do somewhat believe in psychic energy, because I'm sure I've felt it.I've felt certain emotions emanating from people when they're in the room, even when I wasn't looking at them for body-language cues, so maybe that stuff is real and maybe it can get trapped in a bed.I've heard of crazier stuff than that, and I mean stuff that science CAN explain, so why not?

If the Feng Shuei thing doesn't work, check out some other idea:Get a minister to bless it and banish evil spirits, or get a Native American / First Nations shaman to do a cleansing, whatever comes to mind.Even if it's all in your head, your head is a very real place so something has to work.

You can't blame the bed for what goes on inside your head, if you are having nasty dreams it's your mind that is creating them.
Maybe you feel uncomfortable mentally or physically from this used furniture and that is making your sleep restless.
I don't suppose you can afford to get another bed so you'll just have to try and get a grip on reality and stop imagining fanciful notions such as magical mattresses.

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