Can I have chakra or aura damage?

Asked: Can I have chakra or aura damage?

I'm a twenty year old girl. I recently in the past two years had some tough times.
In late twenty eleven i went on vacation i went to the US to visit my father who i hadn't seen in twelve years, when i got back i felt like someone had dosed me with negative energy. I remember complaining about it. Then three weeks after my father passes away. It wasn't easy but I didn't take it badly.I was just depressed. Any how, theyear after I failed my exams (cuz of my mild depression). Also in the year before had a really strong infatuation on a guy who i never confessed to.
There's just been so much that has gone wrong or not happened at all.

Anyhow i was just doing some research on psychic vampires because well there's a lot of times I feel like I feed off other people's energy, like i need to be surrounded by people to energize and take … something from them…. like i sponge off them. I need to be with people and hear them to learn. I would just call it being extroverted, but i really feel low when I can't come in touch with other people.

Anyhow, I read that psychic vampires might have some chakra damage that cause them to have to feed off other people?

With all the ill luck around me, and my depression, could there be some damage to my chakra?
What can I do about that? To fix it?
Thanks for the answers 🙂


you need to visit mental assylum

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