Can a psychic tell me the name of my soul mate?

Smokin like a rock Asked: Can a psychic tell me the name of my soul mate?

No phonies please


Jeremy Answered:
A psychic can make up and name and tell you it's your soul mate for a few bucks.

Brian Answered:

Olive Sorceress Answered:
If you tell a self-professed psychic the name of someone you're interested in, that's the name they're going to tell you.

Psychics are phony.Don't spend your money on them.

somanyquestions Answered:
Aw shucks! Upon reading the question i was hoping that a few self-proclaimed psychics would answer the question = ) im curious to know the name of my soulmate even if it's just a couple of vague letters.

Terry Answered:
Their is no point in giving a name for souls may have many names or none. You'll know without asking on the meeting and there will be a meeting . . . again.

Sapphire Answered:
No they can not.

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